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In some cases users receive an error citing a broken or missing reference to MSCOMCTL.OCX


This problem will only affect users before version 19.04.5

This procedure must be done on your share drive
  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the AuditTrail/App/fe folder
  2. Holding the SHIFT key, double-click ATFE2.accdb (you may not see the extension)
  3. Keep holding SHIFT until you see a list of tables on the left side of the screen
  4. Let go of SHIFT - DO NOT click the Enable Content button
  5. Click anywhere on that screen and press CTRL and G on your keyboard
  6. That will open up the code editor as shown
  7. At the top, find the Tools menu and open it and select References
  8. In the dialog that shows up, find the MISSING reference and de-select it.
  9. Close all AuditTrail windows
  10. Using the Installer located in the AuditTrail folder on the share drive, reinstall AuditTrail to all affected workstations.

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